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Watch All Armenian Online Television Channels in one place

ARTN / Shant USA

ARTN, established in 1985 has earned a well-deserved popularity in Southern California. Its daily produced programs air on basic cable systems such as Charter Communications, Time Warner, Adelphia, Comcast, Wave Broadband, Mediacom, Sierra Dawn, RCN, Champion Broadband, GRF Broadband, COX Communication, AT&T, Verizon, Dish Network and Direct TV.

ARTN is broadcasting in Armenian and Russian all day, every day, and offering continuous coverage of national and international events.

ARTN is a leading Armenian and Russian Television Network taking over the basic cable channels available in areas where Armenian and Russian speaking viewers live which is 4 million people.

ARTN’s viewers enjoy a wide variety of entertainment programs with guests of politicians, lawyers, doctors, businessmen, and artists of all over.

Due to the increase of migration in North America from the former Soviet Union and the Eastern countries, ARTN makes it’s daily produced programs available not only in Southern California basic cable systems, but also all over US, Canada, and Mexico through GlobeCast World TV satellite, also worldwide on

ARTN also broadcasts its programs on KVMD TV seven days a week from 6pm-12am, covering Southern California’s basic cable channels with 2.6 million homes, in addition to DirecTV (Analog CH 31), Dish Network (Analog CH 31), AT&T U-Verse, Verizon FIOS and over the air Digital Broadcasting.

ARTN and SHANT TV company of Armenia offer and even wider array of programs such as “Armenian Super Star”, “National Singer”, “National Dance”, “Who Wants To Be Millionaire”, Astghik, Got talent, The new select for duduk, TV Series “Vervaratsner”, “The Heirs (Zharangner)”, “Trap (Vorogait)”, “Chain”, “In the army”, being filmed at sister station in Armenia.

ARTN offers it’s viewers to enjoy a wide variety of cultural and entertainment programs including food, travel, fashion, talk shows, children’s programs, game shows and it’s everyday broadcast of soap operas.

ARTN’s studio is a high example of modern architecture built with typical materials, styles and colors. It’s ample and harmonious spaces with a total area of 25,000 sq. feet gives the flexibility to operate and broadcast in high technology. Each of the originally designed sets can include from one to twelve cameras to transmit live nationwide.

ARTN offers the best of Armenian and Russian language programs in your home.